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Portrait of Marlene von Dürckheim
Abstract painting ofald harbour wall at Kleinmond

About Marlene von Dürckheim

She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1945. She received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, as well as a Bachelor Honours degree in Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Classical Culture both at the University of Stellenbosch.


She worked as a Professional Assistant at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, taught art at art schools in Johannesburg and was a lecturer in Art at the University of Stellenbosch. She has been working as a full-time artist since 1992.


Her work is represented in corporate and public collections in South Africa as well as in private collections in South Africa, the United States of America and Europe.

She has exhibited in galleries in Berlin, Germany, The Hague, The Netherlands, and South Africa where she still takes part in solo and group exhibitions.

Marlene about her Art

"Interacting with a painting is like a journey not just for one day, but for an extended time. One could also compare the interaction with a painting to the reading of fairy tales, plays or poetry that can be re-read time and again, and every time something new is discovered in them that expands and enriches life.


"In other words, my paintings do not have a sell-by date. I want my paintings to give a sense of quiet, of reflection, removed from the noise and humdrum of everyday life. They should expand and enrich the viewer’s life and should give the viewer a sense of wholeness."

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