Studio Visit

With Covid-19 forcing many of us to stay at home or in a place of safety, physically visiting an artist’s studio is almost impossible. Because of that I have taken a few photos of my studio and want to show you the different “stations” in my studio and explain what I do there.

There are four “stations” which stand for the different phases in the process of producing the works from left to right, top to bottom.

At the Experimental Station I investigate other techniques of expression than I currently use.

At the Gestation Station I make preliminary drawings and sketches to use in later works.

At the Inspiration Station I look at the works of many artists to see how they approach and solve their problems and to let them further inspire me in how to apply my preferred medium which is oil paint.

At the Work in Progress Station I layer the paint for texture, colour and depth for the final composition.

Please stay safe, stay well, stay alive!


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