Introducing "Memory Scape"

Memory Scape June 2021, Stage 1.JPG

"Memory Scape" First Stage

Memory Scape June 2021, Stage 2.JPG

"Memory Scape" Second Stage

Memory Scape June 2021, Stage 3.JPG

"Memory Scape" Third Stage

Memory Scape June 2021, Stage 4.JPG

"Memory Scape" Final Stage

It is of the greatest importance for artists to have their works communicate successfully with their viewers. To this end I will try to show you how my paintings are conceived. This is also the reason for this painting being called “Memory Scape”. The images above are the different stages of completion of “Memory Scape” from the top left to the bottom right.

This painting is inspired by the memories of a journey. These memories appear in flashes of loose images, which are then assembled in series, very much like a moving picture is spliced together.

In these images I have tried to show the growth process from just a few very abstract, expressive lines and marks. The final painting is not a realistic rendering, but rather a memory of what I saw, inspired by a drive to the Overberg region, looking towards Bot River and the Indian Ocean. Here these expressive marks grow together into a landscape with the sea in the distance. Also in landscapes such as this one I feel the freedom of expression where the hand “automatically” meanders over the paper.

A painting for me comes together through a process of evolution, not by imitating reality, but by the artist becoming one with the work. Copying what we see is helpful, but it is not necessarily what an artist feels. Feeling and emotion are paramount in a work, balanced by rational analysis. That is why a process of loose rendering is necessary to express feeling, with a lot of feeling in “Memory Scape”, showing my love for the sea.

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