The Genesis of an Artwork

Musician's Table 3, 2021, First Preparat

First Preparatory Composition

Musician's Table 3, 2021, Second Prepara

Second Preparatory Composition

Musician's Table 3, 2021, oil on Belgian

Final Composition

Every artwork in the making develops at its own pace and in its own time. It is a process in which the artist is the conduit of the vision he/she has to realize in the work. As this is an evolutionary process the artist must be patient, because the process can not be forced -- the work must flow and the artist must be willing to serve this process.

Picasso said “Inspiration must find us working”. This inspiration is the artist’s vision which can only be realized with patience, time and experience. This is why Matisse also asserted that making art takes courage – and of course resilience, hard work and faith in what one is doing.

There are times when life interferes with all the responsibilities of living, illness or loss. But we must not see this as the end of the creative road. Very often these life experiences will show new avenues and lead to new inspiration. Life and Art can not be separated.

Even with the pandemic still raging, including the uncertainty of life itself, the artist can internalize these experiences in his or her individual way adding more depth to the work.

These are the reasons why I shall never stop working as an artist. It is my life, my joy, my purpose and my reason to be.